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70 jaar rijke geschiedenis

Jozef Quackels, oprichter van Quackels Woningbouw, achter zijn bureau

Jozef Quackels, who still runs the company today, started almost 70 years ago after the end of the second World War.

“Even when I was younger, I was fascinated by the idea of building houses. I was constantly sketching designs. By coincidence I was giving the opportunity to help building a house from fundaments to roofing. The realization and completion of this project was fascinating to me.  I could easily understand this project and everything seemed very logical to me.”

“Through years of experience, the development of our products is more reliable but I still seek to improve and grow continuously.”

-Jozef Quackels-

Come to Canada

During the offensive around Antwerp, Jozef Quackels met Canadian soldiers who invited him to Canada. “Come to Canada Joe!”

Nieuws artikel over Quackels Woningbouw in Canada.
Huis gezet in Canada, waar het artikel van de Globe over gaat.

An old friend expressed his astonishment about the production systems through a letter to the company. The old Egyptians build their structures stone by stone. After thousands of years, most building are still made the same way, stone by stone, brick by brick. In the production process of our houses, there is no need for a troffel, ruler or plumb. Thanks to our high technology, we can built a house in 1 day.

1990 – First German approval

koning Filip feliciteert Jos Quackels

Prins Filip congratulates Jozef Quackels with the export to Germany.

Huizen in Duitsland, gezet door Quackels Woningbouw
Duitse chalet gezet door Quackels Woningbouw in Duitsland

1988 – Presidential candidate

Governor Michael Dukakis, presidential candidate in the USA in 988 and opponent of George Bush sr., welcomes Jozef Quackels at the State House of Massachusetts.

President kandidaat Michael Dukakis feliciteert Quackels Woningbouw
Huis in Amerika gezet door Quackels Woningbouw
Quackels Woningbouw certificaat van kwaliteit
Huis gezet door Quackels Woningbouw in Massachusetts

1980 – wooden castles

Houten huis van Quackels Woningbouw bedekt met sneeuw
Houten huis in Zwitserland, gezet door Quackels Woningbouw
Houten huis gezet op een beurs in Zwitserland, door Quackels Woningbouw

Manufactured with outstanding craftmanship, these wooden castles were constructed in an industrial way and built to endure extreme colds (even long before the current energy policy).

1970 – The Ardennes and beyond

New markets were explored with great success. Daily, wooden houses found their way to the Ardennes and beyond


Quackels Woningbouw huis in de ardennen
Quackels Woningbouw structuur in de Ardennen
Jozef Quackels op het dak va nee nQuackelswoningbouw challet met uitzicht op de Mont Blanc
Quackels Woningbouw huis met zicht op de Mont Blanc bedekt met sneeuw

Our records also show assemblies in Chamonix with the Mont Blanc in the background and Jozef Quackels on the roof.

1960 - Givet

Evolution of a company.

Quackels Woningbouw huis gezet in Givet, Frankrijk
Challet van Quackels Woningbouw in Givet, Frankrijk

1949 – Postwar reconstruction

After the postwar reconstruction and the expansion of the Port of Antwerp, Jos Quackels introduces his revolutionary and fast building method to international concerns.

“I was very fascinated by the methods of Taylor and Henry Ford. In our Company, we strive to organize the production process in  the same way. In the last 100 years, the manufacturing time of a car has significantly decreased whereas the quality has only improved. This is one of the leading ideas of Quackels Homes.”


The former BRT (Belgian Radio and Television) also relied on the new construction methods of Quackels.

“Continuously searching for new methods is essential. This is what keeps me active. Progress is not possible without any thought. We strive to be one step ahead in the technology we use, which can result in a sound and sustainable product.”

1949 - De naoorlogse heropbouw
1949 - De naoorlogse heropbouw
1949 - De naoorlogse heropbouw