Eco-friendly houses

Is what you build with Quackels

Eco-friendly houses? Not in the traditional way…

Did you know that the construction sector is responsible for around 6% of the worlds’ CO2 emissions?

The biggest culprit is cement (concrete). For every 1000kg of cement, around 822kg of CO2 is produced. In the last 90 years this has accounted to a whopping 40 billion tons of CO2 (Read more about this here).

This is sad to watch, as there are a lot of sustainable and Eco-friendly options to build greener homes.

Man die huis metst.
Hout geoogst op een duurzame manier

Sustainability via wooden houses

Wood is a high quality building material, provided by nature, perfect for eco-friendly houses.

When cultivating this material, a lot less CO2 is expelled into the environment than with traditional building materials. Thanks to the natural prevalence of wood, there is no need for heavy polluting industrial processes.

This, together with good forest preservation (certified and controlled by the German government) makes for a very good and eco-friendly solution for every eco-minded person.

What is good forest preservation? (the suppliers of) Quackels always make sure that no more wood is harvested than wood that can be grown. Therefore, there is never any deforestation happening. 

Friendly… For the environment and your wallet!

After the build of your home, the invoices (for you and for nature) keep on coming. Classical building materials are a lot less isolating than wood.

A simple comparison can be made via Wood is up to 6 times more isolating than bricks, up to 13 times more isolating than concrete and up to even 384 times more isolating than steel.

Combine this with the outstanding isolation and airtightness (read more about it here). of a Quackels home and Quackels becomes an obvious choice. 

Duurzaam bouwen tegen stijgende energieprijzen
Circulair en duurzaam bouwen

Minimizing waste and excesses

Thanks to our unique buildingmethod and the use of industrial processes an, Quackels is capable of minizing waste like no other. 

Thanks to these revolutionary processes all elements of our homes are made to fit. This offers two advantages. Incomparable accuracy and no excess waste. 

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