The history
of our construction company

A construction company with building as a second nature. Thanks to 70 years of ability and grit of an amazing team. Read to get to know the wonderful history of a small family company, turned international.

Read on to discover more about the birth, growth and core-values of Quackels Builders:
Quality, speed, price and ecology


The company is born

Jozef Quackels started building homes in 1949. This is the birth of our company. He remained within the company until the blessed age of 90 years old. 

Jozef Quackels, oprichter van het bouwbedrijf Quackels Woningbouw


Homes in the Ardennes (South of Belgium) and for outside (1970)

Quackels picked up steam and started to develop newer markets. And with Great succes. Dayly new houses found their way to the Ardennes and across country lines.

Up to this day local realters in the Ardennes still nog the name Quackels because of the hundreds of houses that were built in this region. Ask around for the name Quackels in some of the wellknown villages like La Roche (BE), Huy (BE), Givet (FR), Chamonix (FR) en nog zoveel meer and the name Quackels will ring a bell. Now, years later a lot of the houses built by Jozef Quackels are still being sold by local realtors.


Wooden houses far above Industry standards (1980)

Research and development is the backbone of Quackels builders. More and more we started to pride ourselves in making our homes stronger, faster and of a higher quality.

A several tradeshows the name Quackels was established. Our seraf hoor Quality is not recent. In 1977 reporters already reported on the high quality of our homes. Rhier. Nowadays we don’t build chalets anymore. read about our homes at “Technologie”.


Known far outside of Europe

Quackels also builds and was built houses for outside of Europe. The name started to grow and slowly nut steadily Quackels made iets entrance in North-America. Here locals and even local governments were astonished by the un Rique methode of Quackels Builders. In 1988, “Joe” Quackels, met several politicians like governor Michael Dukakis, who was a candidate to become president and eventually lost against George Bush sr. 


Further development in Belgium

In Belgium too, Quackels Builders became a well-established name in construction. The focus of the company went more and more in the direction of quality. In 1990 Quackels received the first German approvals, a big indicator for Quality. Prins Filip of Belgium (now King Filip) congratulated Jozef Quackels with is export to Germany and the high Quality standards that were achieved.

To guaranty our Quality, we still work according to German standards, which are among the highest in the world. Besides these norms, we also follow Austrian standards and our won in-house Quackels Quality norms. We still put the bar high, higher than any government standard, to guaranty the highest quality in every house.

"Come to Canada Joe!"
Tijdens het offensief rond Antwerpen ontmoette “Joe” Quackels als knaap Canadese soldaten die hem uitnodigden naar Canada te komen. Tot vandaag de dag worden er nog steeds nieuwbouw woningen gezet in Canada. Quackels is een bouwbedrijf dat momenteel op de meeste werelddelen al huizen heeft gebouwd.

Never ending development

During the war “Joe” Quackels met Canadian soldiers who would always say “Come to Canada Joe”. On this day Quackels is still building homes in Canada. Quackels is a construction company that has build homes in almost all continents around the world.

Thanks to our unique building technology and our high quality standards, we have no trouble sending our homes around the world. And this, without changing a thing to the constructions and builds of the house. Our homes are fit to witstand even the coldest Canadian winters. 

Quality is always our priority. We have quality, not through traditionele methode (brick by brick), bus trough revolutionaire methodes in construction..

Would you like to know more? Read about our Technology on the “technology” page.


De third (& 4th) generation entered the company

About 70 years after the start of our company, the second generation has already taken over the reins of Quackels Woningbouw and the third and (and even fourth) generation have made their entrance.


The international expansion continues

Are you curious to what we will be doing in the future? Keep an eye out for news on our website and social media.